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A: 1313 North Limestone St
Lexington, KY 40505

P: 859.226.9242

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Pastor Michael C. Robinson

Pastor Michael Robinson, known as Pastor Mike to most of the loving members of Total Grace, is a man on mission for God. He truly dedicates himself to impacting as many people as possible with the word of God. His ministry aggressively pursues the disregarded, disposed, despised and denied of society. His loving heart and kind spirit allows him access into areas of hurt that is restricted for most, and once there he seeks to fill that emptiness with the knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Robinson holds a Bachelors of Arts in Leadership and Ministry from Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky and is currently pursuing a Masters in Biblical Studies in route to obtaining his PhD. His goal is to master the original biblical languages so that he might be able to better preach and teach the Gospel in a real and relevant way, as well as, teach Pastors and other religious leader helpful techniques for proper biblical exegesis and inductive bible study. Pastor Robinson is the author of Inspiring Minds, a book of poems designed to empower and encourage its readers. His poetry can be heard through his unique and charismatic preaching.

Pastor Robinson has a casual style with a life changing impact. With mentors such as Dr. F. Bruce Williams, Pastor of Bates Memorial Baptist Church of Louisville KY and Dr. R.A Vernon Pastor of The Word Church of Cleveland OH. Pastor Robinson was influenced greatly by their love for God and His word as well as there commitment to the art and form of preaching.

Pastor Robinson is not only committed to serving the spiritual needs of the people but also looks to be a blessing to those who are in need. Total Grace is an externally focused church that looks to feed people both physically and spiritual, desires to clothe the naked with both the Word and a wardrobe. Under the leadership of Pastor Robinson and through the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit Total Grace has become one of, if not the fastest growing church in the region. Pastor Robinson's prayer is that God is pleased with the work that is being done and continues to use his ministry to reach the lost and bless the least.