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A: 1313 North Limestone St
Lexington, KY 40505

P: 859.226.9242

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This ministry consists of several entities that work together to make your assimilation into the Kingdom of God, as well as, the flow and flavor of Total Grace a smooth and seamless transition. 

Christian Life Witnesses
Total Grace's CLWs have the humbling task of receiving those who are willing to make a confession of faith, come for prayer, or unite with Total Grace. They are prepared to assist you as you make that very important decision to follow God. 
The purpose of the Baptism Ministry is to provide guidance for those who are getting baptized. They contact and communicate with each person what will be needed on this exciting day. All questions concerning baptism should be directed to a member of the Baptism Ministry or Assimilation Team. 

Baptism General Information

Ladies & Girls
  •  White top and pants
  •  Black or dark blue camisole orT-Shirtto go under white top
  •  Black or dark blue leggings, white socks, and swim cap or shower cap
  •  Please bring a change of under clothing

Men & Boys

  •  White top and pants
  •  Black or dark blue short pants
  •  Black or dark blue top and white socks
  •  Please bring a change of under clothing

Baptism starts at 12:00 PM sharp. You will need to be at the church at 11:30AM and someone will meet you so you will be able to change clothes. There will be a reception in the kitchen area for you and your family following church service and baptism certificates will be presented at this time.